Being a huge fan of Doctor Who I felt obliged to model the TARDIS, for no real reason, just for practicing. I actually modeled it the first time around back when I was still taking my Master’s Degree (after one of the first lessons I reckon) and I have to admit it was really no good, so some time ago I finally decided to go ahead and do it again and I have to say I am quite satisfied. I’m still going to work on it probably, just to work out a few kinks, mainly because I would like to do a series of animations with this particular model.

As a matter of fact here’s my first TARDIS animation, really simple actually. It’s more of a first test with FumeFX as I have been meaning to learn this particular piece of work for a long time. I am definitely going to work the fumes out a bit more as I am not completely satisfied, but good enough for a 3 seconds animation done mainly for myself. The TARDIS was modeled with Autodesk Maya 2013 and rendered with Arnold. Enjoy!


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