Finally I have some time to actually sit down and write a few lines here!

Over the last year I have moved around through Italy, and have now finally established my headquarters in Rome! As I wrote some time ago, I have started studying programming through several MOOCs, which I have finally now finished. Then I took some more courses, and now I am taking some other courses. Basically I love learning new things, and this eventually backfired a bit, because I kept on studying relentlessly instead of actually putting to practice all the nice things I was learning.

So let’s do a little status update on what I am doing at the moment!

I am currently teaching a 3D course at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema (the School of Photography and Cinema in Rome). The class I’m teaching is a brief introduction to Autodesk Maya to the first year students of the Master’s Degree in Photography. I will also teach a more substantial course on Autodesk Maya in the Master’s second year.

I have also opened a Bed & Breakfast here in Rome, called “Books, Beds & Breakfast“. As the name suggests, the B&B completely revolves around books and literature, with the three available rooms being named Tolkien, Follett and Gaiman. I have to admit, running a B&B has been a continuous challenge, but I find it extremely rewarding, besides, I get to try out all sorts of scripts and designs on the official website, so I get to practice constantly with the front-end development skills I’ve been picking up on!

Translation-wise, I am still working as a freelancer (mostly). I have taken the Cambridge Proficiency of English Examination in December. The results came in about a month ago, and I passed the test at Grade A, which was delighting news. I am also collaborating with the Rivista “Sicurezza del Volo” (Flight Safety Magazine) of the Italian Air Force. This has been a huge professional satisfaction, which is motivating me to keep going down this path.

Now, let’s talk a bit about my future endeavors.

I am currently taking a look around, as I would love to start freelancing as front-end web developer/designer. The time should be right for me to start putting to good use the things I haveĀ been learning. My CV has been updated, and I will post it on this website soon. Also, I will start updating my online portfolio much more often, if only to write some news or reviews. I have noticed I really miss reviewing *stuff*, and I would like to use this personal space as an outlet for my creativity/critique.

So, I believe this is it for this status update! Thank you for sticking around enough to get to end of this post (if that’s the case).

Status Update

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