Peace_Overture_LocandinaIn Italy we rarely get to work on such ambitious projects, so I can say without a doubt, this was definitely my favorite production I have been involved in so far. “Peace Overture” is a short movie about… well actually my hands are bit tied until its public release, however I can assure you it is an astounding work, from the mind of Marco Baldi, a young italian Director.

This project was really peculiar as it’s really rare for an italian production to involve such a massive use of CGI and I am thankful for the people at Reset VFX to have been given the chance to work on it, creating some of the Environments and working side by side with the director to improve as much as possible the quality of what is frankly an already amazing piece of work.

I will create some specific breakdowns for the scenes I have worked on, but until then, here is an overall breakdown, created by Reset VFX, showcasing many of the effects we had the chance to create! Hope you enjoy it!

vlcsnap-2015-10-28-15h17m26s828Peace Overture - 2

Peace Overture

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