LaBuca-davidNoiELaGiulia-davidAnd finally for some preliminary celebration! Working at Reset VFX for the last year and a half I have been assigned several projects, two of these were feature films (La Buca by Daniele Ciprì and Noi e La Giulia by Edoardo Leo) and to see both of them nominated for the Best Visual Effects Award of the 2015 David di Donatello is a huge satisfaction. Still a long way to go before actually celebrating, but for now, just knowing that what we do has been acknowledged is a great feeling.


Can it be a coincidence all the feature films I worked on have been nominated?

Yes Han...
Yes Han…

Clearly it isn’t, but not because of me, the main reason is the great job performed by all of the team at Reset VFX, whom I would like to thank personally for giving me the opportunity of working daily, side by side with great professionals, learning, improving and having fun.

David di Donatello Nominations are here!
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