Cathedral WIP 1So here’s the first screen for my new Work In Progress I’m bringing out during my free time. It is still certainly a long way to go but I was really itching to post something about it as I am really caught up in this. So far it’s looking good, though the more I work on this the more I notice all the details I’m going to have to model. It’s a bit ambitious (I mean to model most of the details, so it’s going to be quite high poly).

I’ll leave you with a quote from Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth, I’m currently watching the TV Series adaptation over and over as I work.


“But the Cathedral is not finished and nor will it ever be, just as human perfection is something we all strive for and can never obtain, so this church will forever be changing, growing, crumbling at times. An ongoing legacy of our feeble attempt to touch God. A cathedral my friends is neither stone nor statues, not even a place of prayer, it is a continuum of creation: beautiful work, that pray God, will never end…”

Cathedral – W.I.P. Part I
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