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My name is, as it might be clear from the domain, Mauro Piccillo. I am a highly specialised freelance Translator and 3D Artist, working in the VFX field. I have a degree in Japanese Language and Culture and have lived in Osaka, Japan for 9 months. Before my Japanese experience, I have lived in Belgium for 3 years (at SHAPE), attending the American Middle and High School, and later on in Germany (Geilenkirchen NATO Base, for another 3 years), thus becoming fluent in the English language to a Native level. As a translator, I have worked on a wide variety of formats, ranging from fiction to medical and legal documents, as well as several websites. My studies in 3D Design began in 2013, leading to a Master’s Degree in the field at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and later on to a successful and continuous collaboration with a VFX company located in Rome.

Download my 3D Artist CV

Download my Translator/Proofreader CV

I am also on IMDb, Facebook, and LinkedIn, feel free to look me up or contact me at mauro.piccillo” (replace ” with @).

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