Mauro Piccillo - Colonial House - NightMauro Piccillo - Peace OverturePersian Lantern - 1Mauro Piccillo - Piano 3D

Welcome to Mauro Piccillo’s online portfolio!

In the 3D Portfolio section of the website you will find finished renders of my work, with explanations and seperate passes, to better understand my workflow, or in some cases what particular techniques I used if experimenting.

In the Translation Portfolio section, you will be able to find samples of my translation works, divided by translation topic, and source – target languages.

Through the Journal section, I will try to constantly update on new projects, WIPs, concepts and thoughts about both, the translation, and the entertainment industry.

Feel free to look me up on, IMDb, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and 3DOcean, or contact me through the Contacts section of this website if you have any questions or would like to get a quote for any type of 3D or Translation work!

Latest Journal Entries

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